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Over the years, constant improvements have been made to the display, performance, battery, and imaging departments of smartphones. Build quality and durability have also increased with the use of reinforced glass, a strong aluminum chassis and the addition of IP certification. However, it can still be a good idea to get insurance for your phone for extra peace of mind, especially if you have buttery fingers. While there are plenty of options from device makers and carriers, there’s a newcomer to this field: ZAGG. The company, best known for its cases and screen protectors, has launched a phone insurance plan with a simple pricing structure.


Dubbed ZAGG Protect, the insurance plan costs $99 per year with a fixed deductible of $49. It’s available for new and old phones and covers the latest offerings from Samsung, Apple, Google and others. The plan provides coverage against the following incidents:

  • Cracked or damaged screen
  • Water damage
  • Battery failure (does not include end-of-life batteries)
  • Power failures (load shorts, internal connections) after expiration of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Touch screen failure
  • Breakage or failure of the camera
  • Headphone jack or input failures
  • Audio/speaker failure
  • Wi-Fi or connectivity failure
  • Bluetooth failure

Unfortunately, protection against loss or theft is not covered, so if your phone is lost or stolen, ZAGG Protect won’t help. The company initially listed its own cases and screen protectors as a requirement for making a claim, though that’s no longer part of the program.

The company has partnered with Safeware to perform the repairs, so your experience may vary. Also, it is important to note that third party parts will be used for repair when original manufacturer parts are not available. For accidental damage, you will receive up to two claims each year, with the company paying up to $500 in approved claim costs. You can file unlimited claims limited to $500 per incident for mechanical and electrical failure.

If you sign up for ZAGG Protect in February, you’ll get a $75 credit that you can use on the company’s website to purchase various accessories.


ZAGG cases are not required

A previous version of this article stated that ZAGG-branded cases were required to make an accidental damage claim. The company contacted us with the following statement:

You don’t need to use a ZAGG screen protector or case as a prerequisite. This language was mistakenly included in the terms and conditions as a holdover from preliminary conversations on the plan – it has already been identified with our supplier and will be refiled to remove this provision. We are currently pushing for a quick change of terms and conditions with Safeware.

ZAGG expects its updated terms and conditions to be posted on its site later today. We have updated our coverage.

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