Wildfire evacuees in four states have been urged to review their insurance coverage


Those who evacuated due to wildfire risks in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and New Mexico should review their home or renters insurance policies, the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) advised.

Triple-I noted that wildfires have been active lately in the aforementioned four states. The tunnel fire in northern Arizona has been burning for more than a week and has ravaged more than 20,000 acres of land in its wake. Meanwhile, another wildfire broke out in Colorado Springs, prompting evacuations. Another fire in Nebraska has left one dead and multiple injured, while the Calf Canyon fire east of Santa Fe is encroaching on communities in New Mexico.

“Insurers are the nation’s first financial responders and will be there to help their policyholders recover,” Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan said.

But Kevelighan also noted that insurers face their own challenges as wildfire-prone states become increasingly densely populated.

“Nevertheless, it remains essential that people residing in these states have the right types and amounts of insurance and that these communities are rebuilt in a more resilient way,” commented the chief executive.

Triple-I said fire and smoke damage is covered under standard homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies. Water damage caused by firefighters putting out a blaze is covered equally by both policies, and policies may also provide additional living expenses for people forced to relocate or whose homes have been rendered uninhabitable by due to a forest fire.


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