Why I unbundled some of my insurance policies


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Bundled coverage isn’t always the right approach for everyone.

For a long time, I bundled my home and auto insurance. This meant I had multiple policies with one insurer. I made the choice to do this because I received a multi-policy discount in exchange for having my home and our family cars covered by the same insurer.

Recently, however, I made the decision to unbundle my insurance policies and instead purchase home and auto insurance from different insurers. Here’s why this decision was the right one for me.

Unbundling ended up being a better approach

I decided to unbundle my insurance policies after researching home and auto insurance quotes and finding that it would actually be cheaper for me to purchase the two different policies from separate carriers. This was true even without the discount that came with the bundle.

Instead of sticking with one insurer, I found there was no downside to unbundling and getting my policies from two different insurers. The two insurance companies that gave me the lowest premiums offered the coverages I wanted, and both had good reputations for customer service and claims handling.

Although it may be a little more complicated to deal with two insurers instead of just one, I can manage my accounts online and only have to pay my premiums once a year. This means that it takes very little extra effort to maintain two separate policies. And it’s well worth the extra few minutes it takes to manage my accounts since I was able to save a lot of money on my premiums by unbundling.

While a bundled discount may sound appealing and convince many customers that it’s best to get all their coverage from the same insurer, the reality is that this isn’t always the case.

And the only way to ensure that a policyholder is truly getting the best coverage at the most affordable price is to compare options from different insurers, including comparing bundled and separate policies.

If I hadn’t gotten quotes for home and auto insurance every year, I never would have discovered that I could have saved money by splitting my policies. And saving on insurance premiums without compromising coverage is worth it, because insurance is an ongoing, ongoing expense that owners and drivers must pay each year.

Since it’s quick and easy to get multiple quotes for each type of coverage, there’s no reason not to explore all the options. Drivers and owners looking for discounts shouldn’t assume that just because they qualify for a discount with a carrier doesn’t mean that deal is the best.

Instead, take a few minutes to shop around and compare all possible approaches to getting covered. The savings on premiums may well be worth the time it takes.


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