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We analyzed the average annual car insurance rates for a variety of drivers in Washington State to see how American Family’s prices compare to those of other car insurance companies.

American Family car insurance comparison for good drivers

Good drivers are categorized as those who have no tickets, accidents or claims on their records and they get the best car insurance quotes. American Family comes in with very high rates among the companies we analyzed. The average price for a good chauffeur in Washington is $1.42, and American Family is 10% higher at $1,572.

Comparison of American Family auto insurance rates for drivers with speeding tickets

A minor traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, will usually cause your rates to increase. American Family came in again with high rates. For drivers who had a speeding ticket, the average rate is $1,721 and American Family was 12% higher at $1,927.

Comparison of American Family car insurance rates for drivers who cause an injury accident

If you caused an accident that injured someone else, the rate increases can be significant. American Family’s rates are in the middle of the pack among the companies we’ve analyzed. The average rate for this location was $1,950 and American Family was 19% cheaper at $1,572.

American Family Auto Insurance Rate Comparison for Drivers with a DUI

A DUI is generally considered a serious offense and will increase your car insurance rates for at least a few years.

The average auto insurance rate in Washington for a driver with a DUI is $1,903. American Family is again on the bright side with an average annual cost of $1,972, but still cheaper than Nationwide and Sentry. Drivers with a DUI should check quotes from State Farm and Progressive.


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