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It’s important to consider adding trailer insurance, as the cost of your trailer and the contents it carries may not be covered by the tow vehicle’s auto insurance policy.

A commercial or farm utility trailer can be a key tool for some businesses and farms because it offers versatility in transportation. They are used for various jobs such as:

  • Transporting tools, materials and equipment to and from job sites
  • Delivery and transport of goods for sale to individuals or businesses
  • Transportation of livestock or agricultural supplies and equipment

Because what you’re hauling in your trailer can be valuable, it’s important to make sure it’s properly insured. Often, trailer coverage is overlooked because trailers are attached to a towing vehicle, but insurance for that vehicle may not automatically extend auto liability coverage to what is being towed.

It’s essential to check your coverage before the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, many trailer owners find they need a trailer insurance policy only after a claim.

state farm® offers insurance policies to help protect trailers, including personal and recreational trailers such as horse trailers, travel trailers and camping trailers. Be sure to contact an agent to discuss the right coverage for your needs.

Cover your trailer

When considering insuring your trailer, remember that your trailer may not have adequate coverage simply because the vehicle towing it meets your insurance needs.

A key point to keep in mind when gathering trailer insurance information is that, in most cases, coverage for physical damage to the trailer is optional. However, liability insurance may be required to ensure that any damage would be covered if caused by the uncoupled trailer.

A State Farm Agent can review these points with you, find the right cover for your trailer and provide you with a quote.

When you speak to your agent, here is some information that will help them ensure they give you the most accurate quote:

  • What type of trailer is it?
  • What is the gross weight of the trailer?
    • Gross weight = the weight of the trailer plus the maximum weight the trailer is designed to carry
  • What is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the trailer?
  • What is the main use of the trailer?
  • Does the trailer have any equipment attached?
    • If yes, describe the equipment and provide the MSRP of the equipment.
  • What type of vehicle mainly pulls the trailer?

Trailer covers available

Physical damage coverages offered by State Farm include Collision, Complete and Emergency Road Service (certain restrictions apply to roadside assistance).

For liability coverage, State Farm offers Personal injury liability cover, Property damage civil liability cover, Coverage of medical payments and Medical payments and bodily injury protection.


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