The Beck Insurance Agency Answers New Homeowners FAQs About Homeowners Insurance Coverage


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Archbold, Ohio — (Release Wire) – 06/23/2022 – Beck Insurance Agency proudly serves home insurance in Toledo, Perrysburg, Bryan, OH, Delta, OH, Waterville, OH, Sylvania, OH and surrounding areas. While most new homeowners get caught up in the magic of buying a new home, the excitement often comes with fear of the unknown.

Beck Insurance Agency helps reassure its customers by answering the most common questions new homeowners have about homeowners insurance coverage.

Is home insurance compulsory by law?
In short, no. Homeowners insurance coverage is not required by law in the state of Ohio, but most lenders won’t let new homeowners go without it before getting a loan.

Where can new homeowners get affordable home insurance?
There are several ways for new homeowners to get the best home insurance deal. First, buyers should explore their options and get quotes from different carriers to find the best deal. Second, buyers should consider bundling their coverage with auto insurance for optimal savings.

In general, what does home insurance cover?

Every home insurance policy is slightly different, but as a general rule, home insurance includes:
– Housing coverage
– Personal property insurance
– Coverage in the event of loss of use
– Civil liability insurance

About Beck Insurance Agency
Beck Insurance Agency has over seven decades of experience serving home insurance in Toledo, Perrysburg, Bryan, OH, Delta, OH, Waterville, OH, Sylvania, OH and surrounding areas. Through a comprehensive assessment of their clients’ unique needs, independent agents at Beck Insurance Agency help their clients find the right home insurance solutions to protect their home, belongings and loved ones. In addition to providing home insurance for primary residences, Beck Insurance Agency offers coverage for secondary residences and rental properties.

From housing cover, homeowners insurance, personal liability protection and more, Beck Insurance Agency makes sure homeowners are prepared for whatever comes their way. Visit to learn more about home insurance coverage in Toledo, Perrysburg, Bryan, Delta, Sylvania, Waterville, OH and surrounding areas.

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