Stingypig Unveils New Auto Insurance Comparison Tool for Drivers in Canada


The platform’s online auto insurance calculator uses drivers’ postal codes to estimate their insurance premiums and generate quotes from the cheapest and most reliable insurers in their province.

August 1, 2022 – StingyPig is thrilled to announce the launch of a new car insurance comparison tool, designed to help drivers in Canada find the most suitable and reliable insurance providers in their state. The new comparison tool is an easy-to-use online car insurance calculator that uses drivers’ zip codes to produce quotes from the cheapest and most reliable insurers in the country.

Although auto insurance is mandatory for all car owners and drivers in Canada, however, there is no single insurance solution as the specific nature varies from state to state. While provinces like Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan rely on government auto insurance plans, places like Alberta, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia prefer to use companies private insurance, others adopting a combination of the two.

Insurance premium rates also differ by province. Currently, Ontario has the highest average auto insurance premium in the country, largely due to its dense population which is more than one-third the size of the entire country. In contrast, Quebec’s unique public auto insurance system has left it with the lowest average insurance rate in all of Canada, despite having the second highest population in the country according to Wikipedia.

Using their zip code to determine their location, Stingypig’s new car insurance comparison tool searches over 40 car insurance providers to help drivers identify the best deals and save money. The free car insurance calculator assesses the car insurance history and needs of the particular user, to find the perfect match at the lowest premiums within minutes of applying.

From high-risk car insurance to student and senior car insurance policies, the platform offers a versatile service with partners that include insurers who accept high-risk drivers, as well as those who benefit from special programs and discounts. Stingypig insists drivers can save up to 40% each year just by using its online calculator to compare car insurance quotes.

Additionally, drivers and other road users can also find a treasure trove of valuable information in the company’s online magazine, including analytical comparisons of different types of vehicles and detailed analyzes of insurers. To find out more about the company’s new auto insurance comparison tool, please contact Stingypig using the contact details below.

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