Smart Methods That Will Help Car Owners Save Money On Car Insurance


“Saving money on car insurance is not an impossible task. Bundling policies and installing safety features will help drivers lower their insurance premiums,” said Russell Rabichev, chief marketing officer of the Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that features several smart tips that can help drivers get lower car insurance rates.

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Many drivers cannot imagine their life without driving their vehicle. Their daily routines would be more difficult to accomplish and moving from place to place would be less convenient and time consuming. But to drive their vehicles legally on public roads, drivers need car insurance. For some, car insurance can be expensive. However, there are many methods that can help drivers pay less for car insurance.

Readers can save money on insurance if they follow these tips:

  • Be a good driver. Insurance companies will reward drivers who maintain a good driving record for several years. According to insurers, drivers will get a good driver discount after between three and five years of driving without a traffic violation.
  • Pay the entire policy at once. Policyholders who choose to pay all at once instead of paying monthly insurance bills will get a small discount of between five and ten percent.
  • Drive fewer miles. Drivers who drive fewer miles than usual should contact their insurance company and see if they qualify for a low mileage discount. According to insurers, policyholders who drive fewer miles than a limit of between 7,500 and 15,000 miles per year are eligible for the low mileage discount.
  • Install safety devices. Policyholders can make their car safer by installing one or more security devices. There are many aftermarket safety features that drivers can choose from. However, drivers should contact their insurers and check which safety features are approved and how much money they can save on their premiums.
  • Group policies. Combining multiple policies on the same insurance policy on the same insurer is a smart move that can help readers save hundreds of dollars each year. Policyholders can choose to combine two or more auto insurance policies and get a multi-car discount, or they can combine various policies like auto insurance with home insurance, life insurance, or health insurance and get a multi-policy discount.

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