Reliance General Motor Insurance Review – Advisor Forbes INDIA


Reliance General auto insurance offers seven add-ons that can be chosen by the policyholder while purchasing the auto insurance policy at a nominal premium cost. Additional coverages are explained as follows:

1. Zero amortization coverage: Zero Depreciation Coverage is also known as Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage which provides the full value of repairs without any deduction for depreciation, in the event of damage to the vehicle.

2. EMI shield cover: The insurer pays for the three EMIs of the insured on the current loan, if the insured’s vehicle has been in one of the network’s garages for more than a month.

3. Consumables coverage: Consumables coverage covers consumables such as nuts, bolts, vehicle oil, refrigerants, coolants, electrolytes, fluids, nuts, bolts, screws, filters, bearings , washers, clips and similar items.

4. Motor protection cover: Provides protection against any engine damage resulting from any kind of oil leak, natural calamities or mechanical problems.

5. Key protection cover: Cover expenses related to the repair or replacement of car keys or set of locks. It is advisable to opt for this coverage, if one drives an expensive and luxury car.

6. BCN Retention Blanket: This guarantee retains the bonus-malus even if the insured makes a claim during the term of the contract. However, you can only opt for one claim per year of insurance.

7. Return to invoice: Offers the advantage of recovering the amount of the value of your car’s invoice, which includes the cost of registering a new vehicle and its road tax.


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