Plan helps fleeing Ukrainians get car insurance here


Ukrainians fleeing conflict in their home country should be able to buy car insurance to drive in Ireland following developments to simplify matters.

New car policies can now be guaranteed here on the basis that a Ukrainian driver’s license will indeed be treated the same as EU licenses.

According to online brokers,, this will simplify the path to getting cover.

“With regard to driving experience, i.e. if a person has had accidents or claims before, the word of the driver will be considered sufficient, rather than requiring documents from his former insurer, as it normally would be,” said Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of

“This is a unique situation, and we welcome the flexibility shown by certain insurers who, in certain cases, accept to take more risks without additional premium”.

The company also said that in some cases, a Ukrainian driver over the age of 25 can be added free of charge to some existing Irish motor insurance policies for up to 30 days, once they have a driver’s license. full and virgin ukrainian drive.

Authorities and businesses here have tried in recent weeks to simplify normal bureaucracy for those arriving here from Ukraine seeking refuge from war.


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