New insurance plan offered to international students


The Aon International Student Insurance plan will be available in 29 countries that are part of the European Economic Area and in 2023 the United Kingdom and the United States will also join.

As for 2024, students from Canada, Australia, and South Africa will also be offered this plan.

“Most of our innovation is focused on supporting students throughout their decision-making journey”

“As a trend accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, students are increasingly choosing and preparing their international study plans online,” said Studyportals CEO Edwin van Rest.

“Most of our innovation is focused on supporting students through their decision-making journey, as our average enrollment is active with us for 372 days.”

The insurance gives free access to personalized advice and supportand offers global coverage via the online platform. It is designed to provide students with insurance advice that matches their personal needs.

Günther Stalenberg, EMEA Manager for International People Mobility at Aon, explained that many students struggle to find the right insurance for them. Most of them “don’t take the time” to properly research online “the most appropriate insurance for their situation,” Stalenberg added.

The affected outcome of such cases can lead to students “being underinsured and at risk of not being able to complete their studies abroad due to financial issues,” as Stalenberg explained.

“Through our initiative with Studyportals, Aon will be able to provide this underserved market with access to information and insights so students can make better decisions that protect their travels.”


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