Money-saving tips: 8 money-saving tips on car insurance “save up to 20%”


“Those with a bad score are, in general, perceived as being the opposite. So go to these apps and sites and use the tips given to you to increase that score.

Indicate your driver’s license number during an online quote

According to Mr Bucke, insurers have noticed that drivers who give out their driving license number are trustworthy and claim less, so they “immediately” reduce their premium as they are seen as lower risk.

Mr Bucke said: “It’s a really simple money-saving trick, but can save up to 5% in some cases, so it’s worth doing at a time when every penny counts. .”

Don’t forget anything – the policy will cost more if things are missed

It is important to ensure that all information provided is absolutely accurate to avoid incurring fees.

Mr Bucke said: ‘Claims, accidents – even if it wasn’t your fault, make sure it’s stated. Insurers have access to data to confirm and verify what you say. If you forget something, your fare will be charged more than if you mentioned it in the first place.

“Some insurers won’t even quote you if your details don’t match the data they can access, while others will charge 25-50% more if you’re forgetful or, even worse, frugal with the truth.”

Aggregators can save time, but they don’t always save money

Although online comparison sites, known as aggregators, may seem like a time saver, they don’t always offer the best deal.


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