Make sure you have winter weather insurance coverage


Are you covered if winter weather wreaks havoc on your home or vehicle? The message from the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services is that if you don’t know, you should know.

DIFS Director Anita Fox said: “Dealing with weather damage to a home or vehicle is stressful enough, so we encourage Michiganders to review their insurance coverage before incurring a loss to protect financially.

Fox said: ‘If you are unsure about your policy coverage, contact your agent or insurance company today. Understanding your insurance coverage can give you considerable peace of mind in the event of weather damage.

The Department offered tips for keeping your property safe, including keeping your home heated to at least 65 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing, keeping gutters clear to prevent ice dams from forming, and taking care of trees that could cause branches to fall on the house.

Automobile owners are required to have coverage that protects property in the event of it slipping off the road and being damaged. Drivers are warned not to park under snow-covered tree branches to avoid serious damage to the vehicle.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland


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