Major Earthquake Hits California – Insurers Recommend Buying the Right Auto Insurance Plan


LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/July 6, 2019/ has launched a new blog post that features more information on the aftermath of the latest earthquakes that hit California and how drivers should protect their cars from earthquake damage. earth.

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A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Southern California on Friday evening (July 5), the second major quake in less than two days and one that shook buildings across Southern California. The quake was centered near Ridgecrest, the site of the July 4 magnitude 6.4 quake that was the largest in nearly 20 years. It was followed by an aftershock first reported to have a magnitude of 5.5. Scientists said the fault causing the quakes appears to be getting worse. The quake was felt as far away as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Baja California and Reno.

However, when severe earthquakes occur, they can cause enormous damage to public property, including vehicles. It’s normal for owners to worry about whether their vehicles are covered and whether they will be reimbursed. if such an unfortunate event occurs.

The answer is “Yes, earthquake damage is covered by car insurance.” But not by basic coverage. If you have a basic liability plan, your car is unlikely to be covered for damage caused by an earthquake or any other type of environmental damage. If your car has comprehensive coverage, you will be covered for damage caused by the earthquake. Comprehensive coverage protects your car against a wide variety of unforeseen circumstances, including damage from hail, storms, windstorms, earthquakes, and more.

Comprehensive auto insurance is optional coverage that pays to repair or replace your vehicle if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in incidents not covered by collision insurance. Although this coverage is optional, if you finance or lease your vehicle, your lender will likely insist on this coverage, to protect their investment once it leaves the showroom. On our website, you can fill out a free online car insurance quote and find the best car insurance deal on full coverage.

Comprehensive insurance can be expensive, but its benefits are extremely valuable:

  • Comprehensive coverage will help drivers replace a stolen car. If you realize that you won’t have enough money to replace your stolen vehicle, comprehensive insurance might be a good policy to buy. This policy will not compensate you for the value of your car as new but will pay you the value of your car when it was stolen. The term used by companies is actual cash value – ACV.

  • This policy covers damage caused by bad weather. Damage caused by weather events such as hail, tornadoes, lightning, can leave serious marks on a vehicle’s bodywork and in some cases the car can be considered totaled. Comprehensive coverage pays for the repair or replacement of the vehicle damaged by weather-related events.

  • The insured is covered in the event of a collision with an animal. While collision coverage pays in cases where a vehicle hits another vehicle or an inanimate object, comprehensive coverage compensates for damage caused by hitting an animal.

  • The insured is covered in the event of water damage. Water can get inside a vehicle and destroy its interior and mechanical components. This policy will pay for replacement parts or even offset the value of the entire car if the damage is too severe and the car is considered totaled.

  • The policyholder is covered for many other scenarios unrelated to a car accident. Full coverage will reimburse the insured if the car is damaged by falling debris and objects, fires, earthquakes or during riots and acts of vandalism

“Comprehensive auto insurance is the only policy that will cover your car against damage caused by earthquakes,” said Russell Rabichev, chief marketing officer of the Internet Marketing Company.

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