International Students’ Struggle With the Student Health Insurance Scheme – Lindenlink


A student health insurance plan has been implemented by Lindenwood for early Fall 22.

Lindenwood has partnered with Wellfleet Student Health Insurance to provide its students with insurance and ensure everyone on campus is covered.

According to Lindenwood, “Lindenwood University has partnered with Wellfleet Insurance Company to offer a robust, student-focused insurance policy to meet the needs of all individuals on campus.”

Students already covered by another insurance could waive it by proving that they already had another insurance.

In an email, Lindenwood said international students cannot opt ​​out of this insurance and must enroll in the Wellfleet Student Health Insurance Plan.

“When Lindenwood first announced the Student Health Insurance Plan requirement, no waivers were available for international students,” Associate Vice President Kelly Moyich said. “Over the summer, international students who contacted Lindenwood directly were able to submit an insurance review request.”

Senior Oscar Fälth finds the cost of Wellfleet Student Insurance to be different from other insurances.

“It’s super expensive compared to the insurance I’ve had in previous years,” Fälth said.

A portal to waive this student health insurance was opened for international students at the end of August.

“As of August 31, 2022, the waiver portal was open to all international students and the deadline to submit a waiver has been extended. The insurance plan requirements have remained the same,” Moyich said.

Students who have not waived or paid for the insurance are automatically enrolled in this insurance.

“Students are enrolled in the Wellfleet Student Health Insurance Plan and students can access all of the benefits of the program,” Moyich said.

Those graduating this fall worry about annual insurance.

“I hope I will get a refund for the next semester, but I don’t know yet,” Fälth said.

Lindenwood may keep student health insurance in place for its students in the future.

“I anticipate that the student health insurance plan requirement will remain in place for future academic years,” Moyich said.


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