Insurtech Leader Announces New Employer Paid Insurance Plan Including Virtual Primary Healthcare, Dental Coverage and Investment Platform Connectivity for Hospitality Employees


DALLAS, October 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG), a leading Insurtech company specializing in proprietary benefits products and administrative technologies for hotels, restaurants, temporary employment and others high rotation sectors, today announced the launch of HospitalityCARE VPC (virtual primary care), an employer-paid healthcare and insurance services package that combines PlushCare, the leading primary care telemedicine platform, with medical and dental insurance benefits for the hospitality industry. HospitalityCARE VPC is designed for companies looking to recruit and retain new employees in the context of the current and unprecedented labor shortage.

“This August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 10.5 million job openings in the United States with 8.4 million unemployed. This unprecedented situation poses a recruiting challenge. important to businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries,” said IAG’s Founder and CEO. J. Marshall Dye. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average employee in the hospitality industry works 26.12 hours per week. With a cost to the employer of $25 per week, companies can provide a powerful recruitment and retention tool for less than $1 per hour of work on average. Employers will now be able to provide high-quality, technology-enabled health care and access to financial tools that help employees build a healthier and more stable financial future, improving the experience employees. »

According to Willis Towers Watson’s Employee Experience Survey (EX) 2021, “…the pandemic has created a stress test on the employee experience as employers rolled out a series of measures including restructuring, wage and benefit cuts and the adoption of a flexible work model in response to the crisis.These actions have taken a heavy toll on people and businesses with a drop in productivity, engagement and well-being, among others. in many organizations.” As a result, their recent survey found that 92% of organizations “prioritize improving the employee experience over the next three years.”

“With an increasing number of COVID variants increase in workers’ reluctance to go to a physical doctor’s office, HospitalityCARE VPC’s integration of virtual primary care leader PlushCare provides employers with a timely and much-needed competitive advantage. The HospitalityCARE VPC program and app enables employers to deliver a high-value employee experience that will help hospitality organizations recruit and retain top talent in their market in today’s challenging hiring environment” , said Dye.

The HospitalityCARE VPC plan includes the following services and insurance coverage:

Virtual primary care
PlushCare, now part of Accolade, offers virtual primary care services in all 50 states, providing access to same-day visits with best-in-class physicians through the HospitalityCARE VPC benefits mobile app. Unlike older telemedicine services where members are randomly connected to any available contract doctor, PlushCare provides repeat access to the same dedicated virtual primary care physician. PlushCare physicians can treat a wide range of chronic conditions while providing a comprehensive primary care experience, including prescriptions, lab orders, and specialist referrals.

At the member’s discretion, their personal PlushCare physician may be granted access to the member’s health records, providing an even higher level of consistent medical care. In addition to virtual primary care doctors, members will have 24/7 virtual connectivity with a care team of nurses and care coordinators who will support them between doctor visits via a unlimited text messaging.

Virtual primary care visits and communications with members of the care team are paid for by the plan’s fully insured benefits.

Mental Health
“COVID has created increased mental health needs for our customer associates across the country. A startling statistic is that primary care providers prescribe 79% of antidepressants and see 60% of people treated for depression*. Access virtual to PlushCare primary care physicians for depression and anxiety treatment enhances the mental health benefits provided by HospitalityCARE VPC,” Dye continued.

HospitalityCARE VPC provides insured benefits for in-person doctor’s office visits, as well as emergency and urgent care visits. The scheme also pays benefits for x-rays, lab work, prescription drugs and a long list of outpatient and inpatient services.

Prescription drugs
HospitalityCARE VPC includes insurance coverage for generic and brand name prescription drugs.

Dental insurance
HospitalityCARE VPC includes comprehensive dental insurance that covers a full range of dental procedures and treatments.

Investment and retirement
One-click access to top-rated investment apps for the employee to create an account to receive a potential signing bonus or other financial incentives that may be offered by the employer.

To learn more about HospitalityCARE VPC, please visit or call 855-712-4133.

About Insurance Application Group, Inc.
Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG) headquartered in Dallas, TX and Greenville, South Carolina is an insurance technology company specializing in innovative technologies and proprietary product solutions for specific vertical markets, including the hospitality, personnel and medical services sectors. IAG has developed a proprietary API and multi-tenant architecture, providing benefits platform integration solutions for recruiting and onboarding systems, payroll service providers, HCM/HRIS platforms and benefit aggregators. HR technology. IAG provides ACA-compliant health plans and supplemental benefits to more than 2,500 corporate customers across the United States and enrolls more than 750,000 employees in its benefits plans each year.

Insurance Applications Group Inc. is a 10-time recipient of the National Association of Underwriters (NAHU) Soaring Eagle Award, which recognizes health insurance companies and executives for gaining exceptional professional knowledge and demonstrating service outstanding client, IAG’s leadership has been recognized as a Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) 7 times”Top of the boardwhich places them at the top of professionals in the global life insurance and financial services industry. IAG has made the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing private companies 6 times.

For more information, visit

About PlushCare
PlushCare has pioneered virtual primary care since 2014 with a model that drives value. They improve access to affordable primary care, improve chronic disease prevention and management, and reduce low-value care. Their top-rated physicians provide longitudinal care in collaboration with a multidisciplinary care team, enabling patients to build trusted relationships for ongoing virtual care. In June 2021, PlushCare was acquired by Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD), the company that works with employers to provide health and medical navigation services to their employees. According to the CEO, Rajeev SinghAccolade acquired PlushCare “because of their technology stack purpose-built for primary care, for their incredibly talented physicians and extremely high customer satisfaction ratings, and for their mission-driven leadership team who have built an incredible company from You’re welcome”. For more information, visit or

*Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

SOURCE Insurance Applications Group, Inc.

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