How do comprehensive car insurance top-ups help you keep your vehicle monsoon-ready?

How do comprehensive car insurance top-ups help you keep your vehicle monsoon-ready?

New Delhi : The monsoon is one of the most difficult seasons for driving. The slippery road becomes extremely troublesome and risky. Apart from skidding and its consequential damages, individuals may face other potential problems such as engine failure, component malfunctions, etc. due to clogged water after heavy rains.

All of these pose a significant threat to vehicles. Although comprehensive auto insurance provides extensive coverage for personal and third-party damages, additional coverages such as engine coverage, consumable coverage, etc., can provide maximum safety for vehicles during the winter season. rains.

Importance of including additional guarantees in the multi-risk insurance policy

A multi-risk vehicle policy covers damage caused to the property/persons of third parties and to private vehicles. However, there is no cover for certain types of damage which can sometimes become crucial. For example, individuals have to pay out of pocket for repairing engine damage, changing gearbox oil, etc., even after purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy.

The additional covers of the multi-risk vehicle insurance offer additional financial protection against additional damage. This way, they can repair the impacts caused to their vehicles without paying out of pocket.

Protections offered by additional blankets during the monsoon season

Here are some essential protections that suitable supplementary covers can offer to ensure maximum protection for insured vehicles during the monsoon season:

Financial security

The chances of accidents increase during the monsoon season due to water clogging, wet road conditions or reduced visibility during a heavy downpour. Wear damage also tends to worsen.

By including additional policies such as depreciation covers, consumables covers, etc., individuals can ensure that they will have to bear almost no expense when maintaining their vehicles after any accident. the road. These add-ons provide a financial cushion against potential damage to cars during the monsoon.

Protection against engine problems

Engine failure is a common problem that individuals face during the monsoon season. Rainwater clogged from roads can enter the engine, causing it to malfunction.

To get financial protection against this, it is best to purchase engine protection coverage with their comprehensive auto insurance policies. This will save you from worrying about engine-related issues and subsequent repair or replacement expenses.

Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown

Policyholders can get roadside assistance from their insurer if they are stranded due to car breakdown. Insurers send mechanics on site to carry out necessary repairs, including car towing, tire changes, etc. They also ensure that prompt assistance reaches customers if they lose their keys or run out of fuel.

All of these benefits become significant during the monsoon season. Insurers manage all the inconvenience for them.

On-call assistance for minor damage

Individuals can also request child care assistance from insurers. Their insurers will put them in touch with car experts who can guide them to repair minor damage or easily repairable faults. This way, they can deal with minor issues conveniently and hassle-free.

Top additional blankets to prepare vehicles for the monsoon

Here are some additional blankets that can be of significant help during the rainy months:

Zero amortization coverage

The values ​​of the vehicle and its parts depreciate over time. Therefore, insurers do not pay the full price of replaced parts. This extra coverage will help them avoid this; therefore, they do not have to pay any amount out of pocket during the interview.

Consumables coverage

Consumables coverage covers the cost of gearbox oil, engine oil, AC gas, oil filter, distilled water, etc.

Motor protection cover

This supplemental coverage provides coverage for the repair or replacement of the car’s engine, gearbox, hydrostatic lock, etc.

Roadside assistance coverage

With this additional cover, you can get on-site mechanical assistance or seek advice on repairing minor deficiencies.

Individuals can now easily purchase these additional coverages with a comprehensive car insurance policy from Bajaj Finance. You can choose from a range of car insurance policies with affordable premiums.

In conclusion, individuals must ensure maximum financial security for their vehicle. You can extend the coverage of multi-risk insurance policies with appropriate additional coverages.


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