Home improvement projects that may affect your insurance plan


From extensions to new kitchen counters, you’ll want to call your agent.

Throughout the pandemic, home improvement projects have gone through the roof.

Take the Levyns for example, the couple added a new patio to their backyard.

“You want where you live, if you have to work there, and if you have young children, you want it to be as beautiful as possible,” Allison Levyn said.

They are not alone. Google searchers for home renovations are on the rise.

Charlie Wendland is a claims manager at Branch Insurance. He said that while there were a record number of renovations, few were updating their home insurance.

“It might just be because people don’t know they have to,” Wendland said. “They imagine insurance – set it and forget it. But the problem is, insurance has to evolve with the times.”

He agreed that it was important for anyone doing a home improvement project to update their insurance as well. This means calling your insurer.

“You want to take a look at your home insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage in case something happens and hopefully you never have to deal with it,” said said Wendland. “But in case something happens to those new devices that you bought or things like that, to replace those items.”

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And that brings us to another important tip: don’t forget to document everything.

“It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, like I said, to walk around your house with your cell phone, take the narrated video, talk about what was in your house when you bought those items “, Wendland said. “Because that way your insurance company will have it in case they need it to process your claim and make your claim much faster.”

While home improvements can range from building a back patio to installing a new front door, there are some projects you’ll want to let your insurance company know about as soon as possible.

“Improvements in your kitchen, cabinets, counters [are] definitely something to alert your insurance company to,” Wendland said. He added swimming pools, garden fences and other additions to the list.

“Call your insurance company, let them know.”

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