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Finder’s Auto Insurance Awards is a rating methodology that compares both the value and features of over 20 comprehensive auto insurance policies. To determine our winners, we obtained over 900 quotes for 24 car insurance policies based on 36 different profiles.

We use the price and features of our insurance premiums to create the Auto Insurance Finder Rating. These will mostly feature on our charts and are designed to make it easier for you to compare fonts and get good value for money. The scores range from 0 to 10.

The criteria for Finder’s auto insurance awards were determined by our expert team and auto insurance experts. To be eligible:

  • It must be a comprehensive car insurance policy
  • Policies must be available to purchase online or over the phone
  • We must be able to obtain quotes for at least 30 different customer profiles
  • Policies must be in the market for at least 12 months

How we calculated our price score

To determine our Auto Insurance Finder award winners, we first obtained the awards from a total of 36 customer profiles varying in age, gender and location (state).

  • For each quote, we have selected a deductible of approximately $700 to $850
  • We did not include citations for NT and ACT because the sample size was too small.

10 different age and gender profiles used:

In 6 states:

For the following vehicle:

2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sedan 4-Door


Total number of quotes received


Total number of customer profiles


Final number of rated insurers

Average price

blank silver $892
Suncorp $1,321
QBE $1,313
Ozicare $967
NAB $1,427
Hume Bank $1,387
Huddle $1,407
Coles $1,063
bupa $1,750
direct budgets $828
BOQ (Bank of Queensland) $2,748
Bingle $673
Australia Post $1,256
ANZ car insurance $3,165
Allianz $1,415
1300 Insurance $1,404
Westpac $1,671
progressive $1,104
Bendigo Bank $1,496
IMAA $1,010
St. George’s Bank $1,497
People’s credit union $1,602
GIO $1,271
Commbank $1,898
NRMA $1,166

How we calculated our feature score

The feature score takes into account 16 different features typically covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy. Each feature is assigned points out of 10 – for example, a policy that offers a choice of Agreed or Market Value may receive a score of 10, while Agreed Only receives a score of 6.66 and Market Only 3.33. These 16 features were then weighted by our auto insurance experts to determine our preliminary feature score. The final feature score also took price into account.

Feature weighting:

Choice of repairer 12.00%
Emergency accommodation, transport and repairs 4.00%
Accommodation, transportation and emergency repairs score (total $) 4.00%
Rental car after theft 4.00%
Roadside assistance 12.00%
windshield cover 6.00%
New car replacement score 8.00%
Personal effects 5.00%
Personal effects ($) Score 5.00%
Agreed rating or market value 20.00%
Key replacement score ($) 5.00%
Accidental damage 3.00%
Storm cover 3.00%
Flood cover 3.00%
Legal Liability ($) Score 3.00%
Fire and Theft coverage 3.00%
Total 100.00%


Here are the final values ​​and feature scores for the 24 comprehensive auto insurance policies we analyzed:

blank silver 8.04 6.91
Suncorp 6:30 p.m. 7.18
QBE 6.36 6.88
Ozicare 7.78 6.81
NAB 5.02 6.71
Hume Bank 6.02 7.05
Huddle 5.34 6.52
Coles 7.35 6.79
bupa 3.89 6.54
direct budgets 8.52 7.45
BOQ (Bank of Queensland) 3.33 6.24
Bingle 7.36 4.72
ANZ car insurance 3.13 6.25
Allianz 5.15 6.56
1300 Insurance 5.71 6.85
Westpac 3.97 6.27
progressive 6.93 6.36
Bendigo Bank 4.79 6.67
IMAA 7:30 a.m. 6.26
St. George’s Bank 4.41 6.31
People’s credit union 4.39 6.70
GIO 6.80 7.34
Commbank 3.51 6.19
NRMA 7.32 7.56

Winner: Car insurance at the best value for money

Budget Direct Auto Insurance

Budget Direct received a rating of 8.52. This is the highest score among the 24 comprehensive car insurance policies we analyzed.

Car insurance at the best price

Winner: Best Car Insurance Features

NRMA car insurance

The NRMA received a functionality score of 7.56. This is the highest score among the 24 comprehensive car insurance policies we analyzed.

The Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards recognize Australia’s favorite brands across a wide range of categories. We survey thousands of real Australians to understand what they think of their recent product purchases to help you make a decision on which product to buy. This is an independent rewards program calculated by our data and insights team. Commercial partnerships do not influence the results in any way.

In total, we rewarded 7 different car insurance brands:

  • Customer satisfaction: NSW
  • Customer satisfaction: VIC
  • Customer Satisfaction: Queensland
  • Customer satisfaction: SA
  • Customer satisfaction: WA
  • Customer satisfaction: National
  • Best Roadside Assistance: National

Finder Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Rewards Methodology

  • The recency period ranged from 3 months to 3 years.
  • We got a minimum of 50 responses for each auto insurer for 5 different states (NT, TAS, and ACT were not included because the sample size was too small).
  • Respondents were asked if they would recommend the car insurer to a friend. This result was rated out of five as a percentage. For example, if 80% of respondents said they would recommend a product, it received a rating of 4 out of 5.
  • Clients were asked how they would rate each car insurer overall on a scale of 1 to 5 and in terms of
    • Features and Benefits
    • Customer service
    • value for money
  • The overall score for NSW, QLD, WA, VIC and SA was calculated as an average of the 5 measures described above.
  • To determine our national winner, we calculated the average score of the top-ranked brands from each of the 5 states we reviewed.

Our research in numbers

Total number of responses for NSW: 817
Total number of responses for VIC: 927
Total number of responses for QLD: 966
Total number of responses for WA: 712
Total number of responses for SA: 985
Total number of responses for roadside assistance: 281

Finder Customer Satisfaction Award Winners for 2022:

Finder NSW award winning car insurance brand

Car insurance brand – NSW: CGU Car Insurance

Car Insurance Brand - QLD

Car insurance brand – QLD: ING Car Insurance

Photo not described

Car insurance brand – WA: Bupa Car Insurance

VIC car insurance brand

Car Insurance Brand – VIC: St. George Car Insurance

Motor insurance brand SA

Car insurance brand – SA: St. George Car Insurance

National car insurance brand

Car insurance brand – National: QBE Car Insurance


The Green Finder Awards aim to identify sustainability leaders in some of our key comparison categories, including banking, insurance, retirement, utilities and travel. We highlight winners on our review pages and comparison charts to make it easier for you to compare fonts and know you’re buying a font with a more enduring brand.

Finder’s Green Auto Insurer of the Year Methodology

We use a dynamic scoring system to decide the winner in each of the Green Finder Awards industry categories. Rather than awarding a set number of points for certain values, Finder’s dynamic scoring system awards points against other submissions by adjusting scores based on the actual range of values ​​submitted for each category. These sources will then be adjusted to reflect the percentage weights shown in the tables below:

Eligibility criteria: The business must have offered insurance products to consumers in Australia in the 12 months prior to December 31, 2021

General environmental criteria:

Current performance: 40%

  • Emission intensity
  • Emission intensity (including offsets)
  • Energy from renewable sources
  • Waste avoiding landfill

Environmental objectives and reports: 21%

  • Emissions target
  • Renewable energy objective
  • Waste target
  • Public Climate Change Plan
  • External standards/accreditation
Sector-specific environmental criteria:

Climate risk and sustainable investing: 17%

  • The impacts of climate change are taken into account in risk management
  • Climate change taken into account in investment decisions

Climate-friendly products: 22%

  • Incentives/discounts for sustainable purchases or behaviors
  • Carbon neutral products
Green Rewards Seeker

Winner: Green Insurer of the Year 2022

QBE car insurance

QBE is the winner of the Green Finder Awards for 2022. A portion of your premiums are donated to a social or environmental cause and the goal is to be a net zero emissions organization by 2030.



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