Everything you need to know about Huhuibao Insurance Plan



What is Huhuibao (沪惠保)?

This is a cost-effective private supplementary medical insurance coverage for Shanghai residents. It literally means “an insurance that benefits the people”.

Who can buy it?

Anyone who participates in the city’s social medical insurance program is eligible.

There are no restrictions on age or occupation.

Expats covered by local medical insurance are “theoretically eligible”, but the registration system has not yet been opened up to them, said an official from China Pacific Life Insurance, one of Huhuibao’s main underwriters.

How much does it cost?

It costs 115 yuan ($18) per person per year, or about 4.93 cents per day.

Who buys it?

Huhuibao has received some 7.39 million registrations since its launch in April 2021, meaning one in three people in Shanghai have bought it.

Of these, more than 5 million registrations were made in the first two weeks, a record increase. Young Chinese people born in the 1980s showed keen interest in the plan.

Everything you need to know about Huhuibao Insurance Plan


A local resident buys Huhuibao on his phone.

What does it cover?

Huhuibao pays up to 2.3 million yuan in compensation for medical expenses, and mainly covers hospitals’ self-funded specific medical expenses, high drug costs, proton and heavy ion medical care and other treatments.

How to make a complaint?

Complaints can be made online via Huhuibao Official WeChat Account or Government Online-Offline Shanghai (一网通办) APP.

How does it work now?

By the end of December, more than 89,000 claims had been accepted with a cumulative payment amount of 378 million yuan, according to the latest official product data.

And about 54.8% of complaints are made by women against 45.2% by men.

The three main evils for claims

The “big three” health problems, namely diseases of the muscular system and connective tissue, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, constituted the vast majority of claims during the July-December period (37.07%, 35 .53% and 7.7%, respectively).

Everything you need to know about Huhuibao Insurance Plan


The three main evils for Huhuibao claims

Cancer Facts for Men and Women

The three most common cancers in men were lung, stomach and thyroid cancers, while lung, breast and stomach cancers accounted for more than 80% of all cancers in women .

Everything you need to know about Huhuibao Insurance Plan


The three most common cancers in men and women

Is it worth buying?

It depends on your state of health and your economic situation, as well as private insurance.


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