Drivers are switching insurance policies to cut costs


(DC News Now) – As more drivers opt for car insurance policies that monitor driving behavior, according to a recent report from JD Power, consumers can save on monthly rates if they drive in completely safe.

Auto insurance rates from at least two major insurance companies have increased in the district, and usage-based auto insurance is offering reduced rates, but they are not promised to drivers who do not drive in completely safe.

“Usually you [drivers] get at least 10% off for your registration, then between 10 and 20 [percent] depending on how you drive,” said Bon Passmore, vice president of personal insurance for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association.

Usage-based car insurance programs are offered through phone apps or technology connected to vehicles – tracking hard braking, miles driven, acceleration, phone use and time of drivers day on the road.

According to AAA, specific aspects of driving behavior vary by insurance company and rate.

While JD power shared a recent report indicating that more drivers are choosing usage-based coverage, rates can go up if drivers don’t drive safely.

“Most people think they’re above average drivers, but that’s impossible for all of us… Even if you find that ‘damn’, I’m a bit more of a mainstay than I am. thought”, you get that feedback, and you have the opportunity to change [driving habits]“said Passmore.


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