Car insurance policies could be invalidated if drivers film TikTok videos on social media


Insurance company Budget Direct warns that video ‘filming you driving for any type of social media’ is illegal and could result in the removal of car insurance policies altogether. The warning comes after a new TikTok challenge launched in 2020 saw teenagers driving aggressively and breaking traffic laws.

The ‘Cha Cha Slide’ challenge saw road users suddenly move their car in line with DJ Casper’s famous song,

This meant drivers quickly turned their wheels left or right and served back and forth on busy roads.

Budget Direct said: “From a policy impact perspective, if you are caught using your mobile phone illegally, you may face penalties which may be disclosed to your insurance company.

“Your driving history is a factor taken into account when calculating your premium.

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Esure said: ‘Cover for a claim could be excluded if an accident has occurred as a result of the driver acting illegally or recklessly whilst driving and we are made aware of this behaviour.

“Any type of automobile conviction will lead to higher insurance premiums.”

Co-Op Insurance said: “”A conviction for driving without care or attention could have even more serious implications, [including] a restriction on the number of insurers willing to offer automobile insurance and a significant increase in insurance premiums combined with restricted coverage or an increase in the deductible until the conviction is extinguished.


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