Car Insurance Cost Comparison in a Recently Released Survey


The cost of auto insurance is constantly changing — and right now the state just released a new survey comparing those costs in North Dakota.

Twenty auto insurance companies were invited to participate in the North Dakota Department of Insurance’s annual survey.

As many of you know, the price of insurance takes a lot of considerations, including age, marital status, credit score, driving record and more.

Some policies will only cost you a few hundred dollars; some much more.

But the state insurance department’s property and casualty director says the hot topic this year in North Dakota is actually food delivery drivers.

They also need to see if they have the coverage they need.

“We are looking more at a slight increase in the survey of gig drivers is that they use it for extra work. So they deliver food for different restaurants, so the coverage that we would have strictly covers passengers, not particularly the food that is delivered,” Janelle Middlestead said.

The state says if you’re having trouble paying for insurance, you may qualify for the state assigned risk auto insurance planregardless of your driving record.


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