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We can buy WE car insurance with UK Driving license. However, finding the best policy can take time and you have to plan ahead. Here’s how to make sure you’re covered by auto insurance before you arrive.


  • It is possible to take out car insurance in WE with a UK Driving license
  • However, most insurance companies classify a driver as “high risk” if they do not have a valid card. WE Driving license
  • A high-risk designation often equates to higher insurance rates
  • The higher rates are worth it, however, because driving without insurance in the WE is illegal

Although not all insurance companies offer auto insurance for foreign drivers, many do, especially large companies. If you plan to move to WE from UK to go to school or study abroad in the more or less long term, they will need car insurance to drive legally. Whatever their goals for coming to WEit is important that they understand the auto insurance laws of the country and how to obtain UK student car insurance.

How to find car insurance for UK The drivers in the UNITED STATES

Find car insurance for international drivers with a visa in the WE is difficult, but not much more than getting full coverage as a citizen or local resident. Shopping for car insurance is a somewhat complex and time-consuming process in itself. Before deciding on a policy, regardless of its situation, they should do their homework by comparing rates and shopping around for discounts.

The only difference between their car insurance buying process and that of a WE citizen is that he has a few fewer options. This is because many auto insurance companies cater strictly to low-risk drivers.

For a driver to obtain a “low risk” designation, they must present a valid card WE driver’s license from the state in which he intends to drive. Drivers must also demonstrate their ability to drive safely and obey traffic laws. Unfortunately, drivers with UK licenses struggle to prove either experience or knowledge. As a result, most drivers with UK licenses cannot obtain low-risk designations.

There are several companies that issue policies for all types of drivers. As an international driver, it may be worth shopping around for these companies. Although you can’t know for sure which companies offer high-risk auto insurance, the best thing to do is call a company and ask. Large companies, such as Progressive, state farmand GEICO, are generally willing to take on more risk than their smaller counterparts.

Can we use the UK driving record to obtain a low-risk designation?

Unfortunately, no matter how good a pilot is in the UK — if they don’t have a valid card WE driver’s license, most insurers consider them inexperienced and therefore high risk. A high-risk designation makes it difficult to obtain coverage. If a person can find coverage, they will likely have to pay the high-risk driver surcharge.

Getting insurance on a rental car as an international driver

Finding cover as an international driver may not be a problem if one is considering renting a car in the WE One can rent a car without insurance if they take out insurance with the rental company. Most car rental companies offer coverage up to the minimum amounts required by the state. These companies also allow drivers to purchase additional insurance for additional protection.

If you plan to visit the WE for a short time, rental car coverage may be all they need. However, keep in mind that most state minimums only cover the cost of damage one causes to another person’s vehicle. If they cause an accident, they may have to pay the cost of repairing or replacing the rental car. For this reason, they should consider purchasing additional coverage if they plan to be in the WE for an extended period.

Obtaining Motor insurance for students in the UK

As an international student in the WE, the options for obtaining car insurance are more or less the same as for non-students. They must find an insurer who agrees to cover a “high risk” driver. They probably won’t be able to use their driving experience in their home country to get cheaper fares.

Unfortunately, as a student, their path to auto insurance can be a bit more difficult. Some car insurance companies require international students to have three years of driving experience in the WE before covering them.

As an international student, they have an advantage over non-students. Their designated school official can provide them with a list of car insurance companies that cater to international drivers and maintain more lenient requirements.

Do you need car insurance like UK driver in the UNITED STATES?

Although car insurance requirements vary from state to state, the fact is that all but two states require drivers to maintain minimum coverage. If a police officer catches one driving without the minimum coverage, they face fines, license suspension and jail time.

Two states do not maintain minimum coverage requirements: Virginia and New Hampshire. However, one must obtain an insurance waiver, which they can only do once they show proof of financial responsibility. In other words, they must demonstrate that they can pay up to a certain amount in damages they could cause in an accident. Additionally, they may also have to pay uninsured vehicle charges.

Do we need a WE allowed to get auto insurance?

We don’t necessarily need a WE driver’s license to obtain coverage in the WE However, to drive there legally, they need an international driving permit. They must obtain the IDP of the country that issued their driver’s license before arriving in America, because the WE do not deliver them.

Obtaining an IDP is quite easy. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license from your country of origin.

Car insurance for UK The drivers in the UNITED STATES: The essential

Finding auto insurance as an international driver takes a little more time and effort than if one already has one. WE Driving license. However, when armed with the right knowledge and resources, affordable coverage can be found in no time.

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