Autonomy and DigiSure to provide integrated car insurance


Autonomy, an automotive subscription company, has partnered with DigiSure, a software company providing screening, insurance management and claims services, to provide integrated insurance for automotive subscriptions.

Autonomy aims to provide easy and affordable ways to access mobility, with a focus on electric vehicles.

The company was founded by Scott Painter and Georg Bauer, who used their experience in retail, auto finance and auto insurance disruptors to build the business.

Autonomy’s turnkey vehicle subscription platform enables vehicle subscriptions to scale profitably and become a mainstream alternative to buying traditional cars.

Founded in 2018, DigiSure describes itself as a “protection as a service company” that provides a complete solution, from screening to insurance management and claims processing for mobility and sharing platforms.

The platform’s partnership with DigiSure, according to Autonomy, will allow it to digitally onboard, assess and qualify a subscriber for the monthly car insurance it plans to launch in mid-August.

Scott Painter, Founder and CEO of Autonomy, said, “Being able to provide Autonomy subscribers with fully digital automatic coverage [car insurance] monthly, without having to buy annual insurance, and adapted to their needs is essential to deliver on our promise to provide easy and affordable access to electric vehicles.

“We need proven partners, like DigiSure, with proven capabilities that allow us to deliver a simple, intuitive and frictionless customer experience.”

With the growing demand for electric vehicles, more and more companies are looking for ways to make them more affordable. Turno, which offers loans to buy electric vehicles, recently launched on the sly after closing a $3.1 million funding round.

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