4 Inexpensive Insurance Policies Every New Driver Should Consider


Driving a vehicle is a liberating experience, but it comes with costly caveats, of which insurance is the biggest bug bear.

New drivers are particularly disadvantaged due to the cost of insurance policies, which become more affordable as you gain more driving experience and maintain a clean record that shows providers you are a low-risk prospect for their packages.

Fortunately, there are certain types of insurance that will be more affordable for new drivers, so let’s look at the main options available to you as a novice motorist.

Liability insurance

Opting for the bare minimum of auto insurance, which in most states is a legal requirement, is the best way to secure a cost-conscious deal as a new driver.

Sites like Cheapinsurance.com can save you even more money on liability insurance, as well as more comprehensive packages.

For new riders, the choice to select an entry-level offering over a full package is a matter of profitability as much as anything else.

For example, your first car likely isn’t the newest or most expensive vehicle ever made, so it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for bells and whistles like collision coverage if you don’t. wouldn’t get much if you made a claim following an accident.

Young driver insurance

If you’re a teenager or in your early twenties, you’ll be penalized with higher insurance premiums by many insurers, as their packages are usually set up to attract more mature motorists, and they don’t want to drive up the everyone’s prize by targeting young people who are statistically more reckless behind the wheel.

It may seem unfair, but the good news is that there are insurance packages from traditional providers that are designed for young drivers, whether you’re still a student or just starting your career after graduation.

Again, it makes sense to compare young driver insurance packages using online tools, rather than visiting provider sites directly, as the best deals aren’t always obvious unless you’re played on the field in this way.

Low mileage insurance

Choosing an insurance policy with a low annual mileage limit could result in significant savings for you as a new driver, regardless of your age when you get your license.

Indeed, with fewer kilometers traveled each year, you will present less risk to insurers. This cap might limit what you can do with your car, but if you only intend to use it for leisure purposes, it’s a good idea to choose a low-mileage plan.

Telematics insurance

For new drivers, insurance premiums are high because they are unknown to providers, as we saw earlier.

What if, rather than having to spend years driving safely to build up a good history, you could simply prove to your insurer in real time that you obey the traffic laws, that you stay below the limit of speed and avoid accidents day after day?

This is where telematics insurance comes in, which basically involves fitting your vehicle with a tracking device that records data and sends it to the insurer.

While being under scrutiny like this can make you nervous, it’s actually a great way to develop and maintain the good riding habits you’ve developed under the watchful eye of your instructor.

These are just a few of the insurance policies new drivers should consider, and you might find other ways to save money based on things like where you liveyour credit score and the type of car you drive, so shop around and don’t settle for a competitive offer.

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