Will your insurance plan cover reconstruction or repair costs?


CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — A Campbell woman is struggling to finish repairing her home after a car wrecked at her home in September.

Nicole Carter lives in the 200 block of Hamrock Drive in Campbell – where she did before a car wrecked her home last year. Now she is struggling to finish rebuilding her house.

“He went right through my house,” Carter said.

Police said the man was fleeing a traffic stop when he drove through the stop sign at the T-shaped intersection of Hamrock and Gladstone Street, wrecking his car directly into Carter’s family room. Due to the structural damage caused, she had to completely rebuild.

“They had to tear everything down because when it went through the hole it damaged the basic structure of the house,” Carter said.

Carter said it was the fourth time her house had been hit since she moved there in 2001 and due to the number of claims she had suffered, she was dropped by commercial insurance. Now, with the cost of construction rising, his insurance payout did not cover the costs.

“It cost around $235,000 to fix the house. The rest of the fifty thousand dollars comes from me,” Carter said.

Insurance agent Pam Waldo said that when considering insurance to cover replacement costs for your home, it’s very important to talk to your agent.

“It adjusts to keep up with inflation, but at the same time, if you’ve done any major repairs or alterations to your home, you should actually contact your agent,” Waldo said.

Waldo said your replacement cost policy, which covers your home in the event of an accident, should cover the cost of demolishing and rebuilding your home in the worst-case scenario.

“Usually it’s on top of whatever they put into the cost of the house to rebuild to start with because we’re like, ‘Hey, everyone forgets you have to tear down the old house and it can cost x dollars’,” Waldo said.

As for Carter, she is now looking for a contractor to complete the drywalling in her basement and fix her front steps to bring both up to code so she can move in again.

“It was just hard to understand that I was never, ever going to put my house back the way it was,” Carter said.

The town of Campbell also installed a guardrail in front of his house to prevent this from happening again.


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