The essential auto insurance supplements you should know


Car insurance is extremely important for the safety of travelers and the car in the event of a tragedy. There are some additions that everyone should know about car insurance before deciding!

Car insurance is one of the key parts of owning a car. Government authorities require all vehicles to have a valid liability insurance policy. Therefore, buyers must also pay the premium every year to keep the policy active. In addition to the insurance policy, some add-ons are also available. These may seem unnecessary at first, but can be extremely crucial in the long run. Here is a list of some of the most important add-ons that customers should be aware of and purchase with the insurance policy if they deem it necessary!


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Motor protection cover

Engine repair or replacement can be a very costly affair for the owner; that’s why this add-on is important. This option covers any engine damage due to natural disasters (such as floods or earthquakes).


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Zero or zero amortization coverage

The car begins to lose its value the moment it is purchased, that is to say leaving the showroom. This add-on covers every part of the car against any damage until the policy is effective. Thus, if the car is damaged, no deduction will be made due to the age of the parts and the full amount will be refunded to the owner.

Roadside Assistance Coverage or RSA Coverage

This cover is extremely useful in case the car gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. The customer must inform the insurer of the incident, then a mechanic or a towing service will be sent – both free of charge.

Non-claim bonus protection cover

This addition is an appreciation for the owner for not having made an insurance claim during the year. The benefits consist of offering a discount to the customer on the premium amount or providing additional coverage on top of the insurance amount.


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Individual accident cover

This add-on serves as a cover for passengers and can be divided into two parts. If the rider dies or suffers a permanent disability following an accident, the insurer bears all the treatment costs for the riders and co-passengers. If the runners sustain a minor injury, the insurance company covers all hospitalization costs.

Loss of personal effects cover

If the goods are stolen from the car or if the car itself is stolen together with the goods, the insurer allows the policyholder to claim the insurance within a certain period. The amount depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Cover for consumables

Certain parts of the car are called consumables, including nuts, screws, bolts, etc. These are such minor components that insurance plans don’t cover them. Over time, repairing or replacing these can be costly. This is where consumables coverage works and saves money.

Key replacement cover

The cost of replacement car keys can be quite high in new generation cars. If they are lost or damaged, this add-on provides the necessary refund for lost keys!


There are many covers available to the policyholder. Depending on the need, car owners should opt for as many essential covers as needed.

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