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Nationwide auto insurance rate comparison for good drivers

Nationwide’s average premiums for good drivers are right in the middle of the rates of the other major auto insurance companies we’ve analyzed.

Nationwide’s $1,540 average cost for a good driver is about $360 more than the cheapest company (Geico) and nearly $585 less than the most expensive company (Farmers). Car insurance companies like good drivers. They are often cheap to insure, as good drivers usually don’t file many claims or have accidents. Use it to your advantage if you’re a good driver and shop at renewal time. You may find an insurer who is willing to offer you a much lower rate because of your excellent driving history.

Comparison of nationwide auto insurance rates for drivers with a speeding ticket

Domestic customers with a clean driving record can expect to see an average increase of $430 at renewal after just one speeding ticket. That’s a bigger rate increase for a speeding ticket than the other major competitors except Progressive and Farmers.

Comparison of car insurance rates nationwide for drivers who have caused an accident with injury

Similar to other comparisons, Nationwide is in the middle of the pack when it comes to average rates for drivers who caused a crash that injured someone else.

If you cause an accident, now is a good time to shop around for auto insurance and get quotes from several companies. A good place to start is State Farm, which has the lowest average injury crash rates among the major companies analyzed by Forbes Advisor.

Nationwide auto insurance rate comparison for drivers with a DUI

Nationwide has the highest average rates for drivers with a DUI compared to top competitors.

Each insurance company assesses a driver’s risk differently. The higher the risk, the higher your rates will be. But some insurers put more emphasis on a driving offense like a DUI than other insurance companies. If you have Nationwide, you might want to compare and get quotes from competitors, especially State Farm and Progressive, which have the lowest national average rates for drivers with DUIs among the top companies.

Nationwide auto insurance rate comparison for drivers with poor credit

A person’s credit history is a measure that many insurers use to determine rates. Note that California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan do not allow credit to be considered in auto insurance pricing.

Nationwide has lower rates for drivers with poor credit than most major competitors. Why would an insurer care about the driver’s credit? Insurance companies believe that credit history influences whether a person will file insurance claims. The theory goes that someone with bad credit is more likely to file a claim than someone with good credit, so insurers often charge drivers with bad credit higher rates.

Nationwide auto insurance rate comparison for adding a teen driver

Teenage drivers have less experience on the road and are more likely to take more risks while driving. It’s a combination that insurance companies don’t like, so you can expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more for car insurance after adding a teenager to your policy.

The good news for Nationwide customers is that the insurer has the lowest average rate increase after a policyholder adds a teenager to a policy. If you choose Nationwide, ask about the company’s student discount voucher.

National comparison of car insurance rates for young drivers aged 18-25

Although Nationwide offers the best rates for adding a teenager to a policy, the company isn’t as generous when it comes to young drivers getting their own insurance coverage.

Drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 pay nearly $3,000 on average for a car insurance policy, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of major car insurance companies. The national rate for young drivers is close to this average. Geico has the cheapest rate for young drivers and State Farm has the most expensive rate among the top companies.

Driver age is one of many measures insurers use when setting rates and they rate this risk differently. Be sure to shop around, both when you get your first policy and at least every few years after that. You could save thousands of dollars on your auto insurance simply by getting quotes and finding the cheapest insurer.

Comparison of nationwide car insurance rates for drivers aged 65 and over

Nationwide has decent car insurance rates for older drivers compared to top competitors. One way to save more is to maximize your discounts, including bundling auto and home policies, which Nationwide estimates can save you an average of $646 per year. Senior drivers may also qualify for a defensive driver discount by successfully completing a state-approved crash prevention course.


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