AD: SOMPO MotorSafe – a usage-based car insurance plan where the less you drive, the more you save


If you’ve been driving your car less due to the pandemic, it might be time to switch to a low-mileage auto insurance plan, which allows you to pay your premium based on the length of your commute while still offering all full coverage benefits.

Berjaya Sompo Insurance’s new SOMPO MotorSafe is one such product. Designed specifically for low-mileage drivers, telematics usage-based auto insurance offers the flexibility to pay based on your mileage driven.

Customers can choose from three different comprehensive mileage plans to suit each vehicle’s use, and these cover up to 5,000 km, up to 10,000 km and up to 15,000 km of mileage annual. Depending on the SOMPO MotorSafe plan chosen and the sum insured, you can benefit from 5 to 50% savings on your premium compared to a basic SOMPO Motor premium.

How is the mileage determined? Well, in the beginning, you will have to submit a valid mileage photo of your car’s odometer reading, and from there, telematics takes over monitoring. Each SOMPO MotorSafe policy comes with a battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled SOMPO beacon, which is used in conjunction with a SOMPO MotorSafe app to easily track vehicle mileage.

The SOMPO Tag also provides safety assistance in the event of a car breakdown or emergency. In this case, the driver only has to hold the button for two seconds, and the SOMPO helpline will call the driver to provide assistance.

SOMPO MotorSafe covers loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accident, fire and theft as well as third party injury, death or property damage if you are traveling within the plan mileage selected. Other benefits of the policy include 24 hour Rakan auto assistance, 12 month repair guarantee, cover for all drivers and special perils cover (which covers up to RM10,000 or 20% sum insured, whichever is lower).

Learn more – SOMPO MotorSafe can be purchased from all our agents and branches nationwide.


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